Top rated good quality bedouin rugs hand woven from pure wool

Nomad Gallery delivers a supply of earnings for Bedouin Girls of Sinai peninsula in Egypt . The custom of making Bedouin carpets, rugs , tent hanging decorative pieces and embroidered work on dresses and cushion covers have already been happening for generations and is also handed in excess of from mother to daughter. With the help of our artisans, Nomad creates special wonderful bedouin carpets of many measurements.

Bedouin carpets are made out of Obviously Bedouin rugs dyed Sheep and Camel wool . Visit Our site They change in dimensions and colours. The background is traditionally pink or product.For the reason that hues are created of purely natural dyes inside of a Bedouin environment -They do run . Consequently, carpets must under no circumstances be washed.

Bedouin rugs may be used in some ways. On the floor, hung within the wall or perhaps to include a surface at home.Nomad Gallery has many Bedouin products that varies from Carpets , runners , Top website wall hanging , cushion covers and stools, and even floor leather-based seats with wool runners on major .

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